About Diversity Network Australia (DNA)

DNA is a leading diversity and wellbeing social enterprise. We provide learning and publishing solutions, interactive workshops and events, tailored resources and expert advice on creating effective diversity and wellbeing programs in schools, workplaces and communities across Australia and the Oceania region.

As a social enterprise, DNA shares 50% of all sales profits with Oceania community partners in Fiji, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

DNA was inspired by the life stories of Ropate (Robert) Young and Mary McCabe, who successfully navigated their way through the White Australia Policy of the 60’s and the cross-cultural challenges of raising a large resilient multicultural family in Melbourne, Australia over five decades.

The DNA learning and publishing team have more than 25 years lived experience in international and community development programs in health, safety, wellbeing, human resources, human rights, disability, lifesaving, nursing and workplace training. Our artists, educators, storytellers and creative writers are young, old and in between but all are committed to a world where people of all colours thrive.


“To empower people of all cultures and colours, one story and one tribe at a time.”

Our Vision

People of all cultures and colours have equal security, we belong, our sense of identity is strong, we live with purpose, our wellbeing is balanced and together, we don’t just survive, we thrive.


Our Founder: Bernie Goulding

Bernie Goulding is the Founder and Director of Diversity Network Australia.  A proud Fijian Australian Diversity, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Leader with decades of practical experience in disability, nursing, workplace health, safety & wellbeing, training, community development, humanitarian response and human rights across the Oceania region.  Bernie is also the author of ‘Colour Outside The Lines,’ Amazon best seller, ‘Children Of The 12 Tribes’ and co-author of Australian best seller, ‘The Wellbeing@Work Journal.’

Bernie is a member of the Pacific Women’s Indigenous Network and consultant and contributor to Government and Community projects focused on protecting Indigenous languages, reducing family violence and promoting health, safety and wellbeing of Pacific workers in Australia.

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