DNA Cultural Academy

The DNA Cultural Academy offers a suite of practical diversity and wellbeing learning solutions that can be delivered online or at in person and can be tailored to the needs of your school, community or workplace.

DNA Webinars, Workshops and Courses

DNA Cultural Academy’s program offers two hour, half day and full day webinars, workshops and two day accredited course options.  Click on the below programs to find out more information. 

DNA Speakers And Conferences

DNA trainers and speakers have lived knowledge, experience and success in creating genuine diversity, inclusion and wellbeing at school, work and in community. They are available to present at events and conferences, online and in person, and are highly regarded international speakers and panellists on issues including:


Australia and New Zealand are part of Oceania, the biggest region in the world, but there are 22 other island nations and millions of kilometres of Pacific Ocean that most people know little about. Their history is ancient, the culture is rich and Oceania is arguably the most linguistically diverse region in the world. Pacific people are leading the charge to protect our planet from climate change and restore wellbeing of land, ocean and people. Want to learn more about the Pacific and it’s people? Contact us at: info@diversitynetwork.com

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